Summit Community Church is committed to caring for the spiritual and physical needs of everyone. We aim to care for people when they need it, in the way they need it. We offer ourselves in service and utilize resources already available through different organizations.

This world is broken and Jesus commands his followers to care for each other. At Summit we want to be faithful to obey Him in this mission.

Local Resources

Click an icon below for a list of local organizations equipped to offer support for each need.

Food Support

There are many local food pantries and organizations ready to help people struggling with food insecurity. Some options have criteria, such as residency requirements.


These resources offer support for people who are homeless or behind on rent.


Living in Maine brings with it the challenge of long, cold winters. These organizations provide support to make sure people have heating.


These resources help people struggling with unemployment or underemployment. They will help with job placement and skills training.


These resources will work to provide care and assistance for people struggling with health problems.


There are many places where people can find free and affordable clothing options. These can be very valuable during the winter.