Ministry Partner - Kristy Engel

Kristy Engel

Mon, Nov 7, 8:55 AM

Hello friends at Summit Community Church!!

How are you these days? I think about your church fairly often and how you are so faithful in your giving and support of my ministry. When I see your name pop up on my monthly donor list (as it did again today!) I remember the conversation I had some time ago with Ian and how the church just wanted to support me in any way possible…prayer, finances, etc….and that you wanted to stay in touch about what was going on with ministry in my area. Well, throughout the pandemic, the majority of my work was online (as it was with so many). Now, as things have opened up again to travel, my life has become quite busy and I just wanted to give you some information so you could specifically pray.

First, I traveled to Latvia in September for the European Baptist Federations annual meeting. Leadership from across Europe met to discuss ministry and also to encourage and support each other. As you can imagine, Ukraine and Russia were at the top of the list of many discussions. It was during one of those conversations that I was invited to join with the Hungarian Baptist Aid organization to help with mobile medical clinics in Ukraine. I will be traveling there with a small team of 4 in early December to minister to about 1000 people over 7 days of clinics. We are gathering medications and supplies now and I would appreciate the prayers for our safety, the patients we will see, and that our eyes are opened to ways we can continue to serve this population. I have been invited to come long-term to help in this capacity and need discernment about that decision.

Next I traveled to India to visit our partner hospitals and nursing schools, meet with leadership across Northeast India, and encourage leaders as they continue to develop their ministries. It was a busy and travel-filled time that came to an abrupt end when my aunt died suddenly and I had to return to the US early. I am thankful for my colleagues in India who helped me navigate all of the travel changes and even drove me 5 hours to get to the closest airport that could get me out of the country quickly. I have only recently returned from the funeral and now am planning all of the parts of the Ukraine trip. 

It seems like an incredibly hectic last three months and I think it’s just the beginning of increased travel and demands on my time. Please keep all of this in prayer and know that your support (and INCREASED support I’ve noted over the last few months!!) makes all of this possible. Thank you for your continued generosity and love!